What Is the Average Cost for Brake Replacement?

XiXinXing/Getty Images

The average cost of brake repairs varies based on the type of repairs and where the repair work is done. On average, it can cost between $130 and over $900 for each axle. Brake repairs may include changing the pads and rotors, flushing brakes or adjusting the calipers.

Brake repairs tend to be more expensive at dealerships than standard repair shops. On average, the same brake repair at a dealership can cost $500, but only $350 at a repair shop. Some factors raise or lower the cost of brake repairs, particularly with the type of repair. Changing brake pads is less expensive than having to do rotor work. Luxury or foreign vehicles also have higher repair costs, as do vehicles with a higher purchase price.

Brakes may need replacement when the wheels make a high-pitched screeching or grinding noise. Other indications are the brakes failing to stop or slow normally, or if the brake pedal drops lower than usual when the brakes are engaged.

Some repair shops offer discounts for AAA members. There are also several companies that list do-it-yourself instructions for replacing brake pads. This can help save an average of $251.