What Is the Average Bowling Score?

Dave Greenwood/Taxi/Getty Images

The average bowling score when looking at all of the possibilities in the game is a 77-79 score. All average scores, however, are dependent upon the skill of the players playing as the average changes depending on the number of strikes and spares.

The average score increases as the number of strikes and spares increase. An example of this would be a game that had two strikes and four spares. A game with two strikes and four spares would average 114 points, but could be as high as 162 points or as low as 60 points.

A perfect bowling game would be a score of 300 with a lowest possible score of 0. The United States Bowling Congress is the group that makes all of the rules for bowling. They have standard rules for equipment and playing surfaces. The bowling lane must be 60 feet long with a foul line to the head of the pin coming in at 42 inches wide. The lane must have gutters and cannot have any barrier that prevents the ball from going into the gutter. The bowler must not step across the head line, which will be 60 feet beyond the headpin; however, the bowler will be given an area that is 15 feet long in order to approach the line and to release the ball.