What Makes an Automatic Transmission Whine?

There are several reasons why an automatic transmission makes a whining sound. The transmission pump makes this sound as pressure increases with rotational speed. This occurs while stationary and increases as the vehicle accelerates. A clogged transmission filter creates a similar sound to a whining pump. If the vehicle is low on transmission fluid, it can also cause a whining sound, accompanied by gear shifting problems and other habitual issues.

A qualified automotive technician can locate the source of whining sounds and diagnose contributory mechanical issues. A part of preventive maintenance is to have the transmission inspected every two years or 30,000 miles, and to have a transmission flush performed.

Transmissions contaminated with dirt and grease experience symptoms similar to transmission failure. A flush removes the dirty fluids, grime and residue from the converters and cooler lines, and it replaces it with fresh fluids. In some cars, this enhances the function and preserves the life of the transmission.

Keep in mind that some vehicles do not benefit from a transmission flush. With certain cars, a flush may cause damage to the transmission’s valves and seals. Car owners need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure the vehicle receives the proper preventive maintenance.