What Are Austin Sculptures?

Austin sculptures are reproductions of sculpture works manufactured by Austin Productions. The company began in Brooklyn, New York, in 1952, manufacturing reproductions of classical Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculptures and expanded into African, Asian and contemporary pieces soon thereafter.

The company expanded into the importation and production of home furnishings and decorative sculptures for the home, with a product line that included wall decorations, mirrors and clocks, in addition to sculptures for homes, gardens and offices. The company remains best known for its hand-cast Durastone and bronze reproductions and hand-painted marble pieces and eventually began producing more contemporary subjects, such as modern sports, movies and popular comic strip characters.

Austin Productions developed a reputation for high-quality reproductions that became collectible despite mass production. The company reproduced thousands of pieces over the years, and retired pieces have high collectible values. The company retired its entire line in 2009, giving rise to an active market of dealers and collectors seeking to complete collections before the items become unavailable.