How Do You Get the Aurora Ticket in Pokemon Emerald Version?

To get an Aurora Ticket in Pokémon Emerald through legitimate means, one must attend a Nintendo-sponsored event with a GameBoy Advance and a copy of the game. These events were held by Nintendo as a promotion for their Pokémon games as well as other franchises. As of 2014, Nintendo no longer sponsors events that give out Aurora Tickets. Should Nintendo renew support for Aurora Tickets, it may be possible to acquire one in the future. However, through the use of the cheating system GameShark, the Aurora Ticket may be added to the player’s inventory.

  1. Activate the GameShark

    If using the GameShark device on a physical GameBoy Advance, follow the instructions to insert and activate the device. If playing Pokémon Emerald using an emulator, check to see if it offers GameShark code entry ability.

  2. Enter the Pokémon Emerald master codes

    Activate these GameShark codes to allow modification of the game: D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5, A86CDBA5 19BA49B3. Be sure to enable the cheat after entering it.

  3. Input the code for Aurora Ticket

    Once the master codes are active, input the code for the Aurora Ticket into the GameShark: 82005274 0173. Be sure to enable the cheat after entering it. Once this is done, the Aurora Ticket is available for purchase.

  4. Purchase the Old Sea Map from a Poké Mart

    Check any Poké Mart to find the item. The Aurora Ticket is listed as another item, specifically the Poké Ball, but when purchased the item received is identified as the Aurora Ticket.