What Is Attire for a Masquerade Ball?

The proper attire for a masquerade ball includes very dressy or formal clothing and a mask to complete the look. The mask can be a full or half face mask, but is more commonly an eye mask or stick-mounted Venetian mask.

The outfit a woman chooses should depend on how formal the event is. Floor-length gowns in a vintage style are common, although cocktail length may be fine for a more casual event. This is a time where women can dare to be different and come up with outfits that are a bit unique and even a bit campy while still exuding that vintage feel. Heels, big jewelry, elbow-length gloves and even feathers are all acceptable accessories.

Men should take a cue from the invite, as it will normally state whether a tuxedo is required or not. Depending on the formality of the event, the dress code for men can range from business-casual khakis and a collared shirt to a full suit and tie. Men shouldn’t be afraid to go vintage in their choice of suit for more formal masquerade parties. Short-sleeved shirts, shorts or sandals are not appropriate attire for any type of masquerade ball or party.