Which ATM Machines Accept EBT Cards for Cash Withdrawals?

Electronic Benefit Transfer card usage regulations for cash withdrawals vary by state, but typically EBT cards can be used at most ATM machines. Some states allow a certain number of ATM transactions without charge, with a fee applied for subsequent transactions.

Most EBT cards that have a cash withdrawal option available can be used at point of sale locations such as grocery stores, convenience stores and other merchants to receive cash back, at no charge, when making purchases. While there is typically no fee for this type of transaction, some stores set limits on the amount of cash back that may be obtained for each purchase. Some cards may also have daily cash-back limits that restrict the amount that can be withdrawn in a 24-hour period.

Local county welfare offices typically maintain a list of all local ATM locations and merchants that accept EBT cards for cash transactions. Typically ATM machines are located in banks and public areas, and all Quest network ATM machines accept EBT cash withdrawal transactions in many areas. Point of sale transactions are usually available at retail stores that accept EBT cards for food purchases and other transactions. Most EBT transactions require the use of a pre-established PIN number.