How Do I Assess the Value of My Truck?


An individual can assess the value of a car or truck based on its make, model, year, mileage and condition using Kelley Blue Book. Kelley is a trusted resource for assessing any vehicle’s value in order to obtain a fair price in a sale or trade, according to KBB’s website.

The online Kelley Blue Book system allows the user to specifically describe his vehicle to obtain an accurate idea of its value, as described by the website. This involves selecting features and upgrades present on the vehicle beyond factory standards and reporting any damage or repairs the vehicle might require. The system provides an exact dollar value for the car’s worth, providing values both for a trade to a dealer and a private-party sale. The user also can track the yearly trends of what his vehicle is worth and contact local dealers to learn about current trade-in specials for his vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book had its roots in the early 1920s when Les Kelley of the Kelley Car Co. printed a comprehensive pricing guide for vehicles he wished to purchase from other dealers, according to KBB. The automotive community began to trust his fair pricing, and in 1926, Kelley responded by publishing a guide that any individual or dealer could use to determine the current value of any automobile.