What Was the Art Style of Leonardo Da Vinci?

The artistic style most often associated with Leonardo da Vinci is Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci peaked in popularity during the High Renaissance, a period of 30 years beginning in 1490 and ending in 1527, after Charles V defeated Roman troops in his imperial quest. The High Renaissance period typically refers to the work of a few painters that is deemed to be of exceptional artistic quality. These painters include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael.

Leonardo da Vinci, born in Vinci, Italy, in April 1452, is well known for his status as a canon in the field of Renaissance art. His work is well known for its ability to depict the human form in a realistic, three-dimensional way. Da Vinci is a master of shadowing the form of the body to create a more lifelike appearance of the human subject. Da Vinci’s most famous work, “The Mona Lisa,” took him 16 years to complete. This painting is one of the most recognized paintings in the world. Other well known works of Leonardo da Vinci include “The Last Supper” and “Virgin of the Rocks.” Da Vinci is famous for being a true “Renaissance Man,” meaning he was an artistic master, as well as an accomplished scientist and inventor.