Why Is Art Important to People?

Paper Boat Creative/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Art is important to people because it offers them a chance to deal most directly with the human condition, it educates students for future leadership and it builds empathy. Art is a member of the humanities disciplines, which includes history, literature, languages and philosophy.

The social sciences also relate to art as they focus on the lasting challenges that are relevant to all people, including appreciating diversity, appreciating complexity, communicating effectively with others, overcoming adversity and creating lives filled with meaning and purpose. The ability to work meaningfully with others is what determines the success of many human enterprises, and that ability is honored tirelessly through the humanities and social science disciplines.

Success in life requires a sensibility about the world and about a person’s place in it. Humanities disciplines, including art, are interested in cultivating this understanding. In 2013, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences found that U.S. employers are looking for candidates with the broad-based benefits of a liberal arts education. Art helps to provide students with skills and capabilities that they can use in multiple settings throughout various jobs.