What Art Classes Can You Take Online?

Some examples of art classes students can take online are art appreciation, character animation, art studio, color theory, photography, Web design, video editing, user experience design and drawing courses. The Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sessions College and Adams State University all have online art courses as of 2015.

Online art appreciation courses usually explore art history and introduce basic concepts of art. Some online schools offer more specific courses in art history and introductory visual art. Other possible options for theoretical courses include courses in color theory, color correction, composition and typography.

There are also several hands-on art courses that students can complete online. For example, Adams State University offers art studio classes online in which students can make drawings, take photos, paint or work with fibers. Students with more focused interests can find online courses that teach them how to create logos and graphics, create animations, produce and edit videos using computer software, make watercolor paintings or edit photos.

Online art courses also include those geared toward website design and development. For example, students can find courses that teach them how to design layouts for websites and mobile apps; code websites with languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript and use software programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver to make the websites.