How Does the Army Use ATAAPS?

The Army and other agencies of the federal government use the Automated Time Attendance and Production System to keep track of employee time and attendance and to track labor by job order or task. The Army also uses ATAAPS to submit requests for leave to appropriate individuals for their approval.

ATAAPS is a Web-based application that allows five categories of users in the Army and other federal agencies to enter data directly into the ATAAPS system: employees, timekeepers, certifiers, system administrators and super users. The Army designates certain civilian and military personnel to serve as timekeepers. This function is typically assigned to personnel who are aware of the daily hours and attendance of employees. The Time and Attendance function allows authorized users to enter, update and correct employee time and attendance, work schedules, status changes, and labor charges to selected job orders or tasks.

The ATAAPS system is hosted by the Defense Information Systems Agency and provides a secure platform that protects employee and other sensitive data while ensuring timely and accurate transmission to the Defense Civilian Payroll System. ATAAPS is used to reduce costs, standardize the migration of data among federal entities and ensure compliance with laws, regulations and policies.