What Is an Arcoroc France Glass Bowl?

An Arcoroc France glass bowl is a type of tempered glass bowl manufactured by the company Arc International out of Arques, France. The glass bowls, along with all Arcoroc glassware, are dishwasher safe and can be bought individually or part of a glassware set.

The brand Arcoroc is a branch of the larger company Arc International, which manufactures different household goods. Arc International was created in 1825 and started as a small family business. However, the Arcoroc glassware brand was founded in 1963 after the brand had already grown to become one of Europe’s leading glassware producers. Other branches of the Arc International company include Arcopal, Luminarc and Zenix. The majority of Arcoroc sales are bulk sales to the restaurant industry.

Arcoroc specializes in glassware such as bowls, drink glasses, dinner plates and beer mugs. The glass is tempered, which means that it has gone through a process that hardens it and makes it more shatter resistant. This is beneficial because Arcoroc markets their professional products towards restaurants and catering companies, which typically use more powerful dishwashers and must transport, stack and handle glassware more often. Arcoroc produced glass cups that were sold by McDonald’s for the movie “Shrek Forever After,” but the cups were recalled due to concern of certain materials that were used in the paint.