What Are Ara Mina Bold Movies?

Ara Mina bold movies are Philippine erotic films starring the Filipino adult actress Ara Mina. Among her most well-known movies are “Init Sa Tag-ulan,” “Sagad Sa Init,” “Pahiram Kahit Sandali,” “Tatlo Magkasalo,” “Banatan” and “Phone Sex.” “Maldita,” “Mano Po” and “Laro Sa Baga” are also popular.

In a country where bold cinema is still very popular, many of Ara Mina’s credited films have been huge box-office successes. Despite earlier credits in television programs and movies, her work as a bold film actress catapulted her to stardom, and as of August 2015, she is one of the most desired figures in the Philippine’s bold film industry.

The most notable performance in her extensive portfolio is from the 2003 adult drama “Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lapa” (The Last Virgin), in which she played opposite Filipino actress Maui Taylor. Mina’s role in this film earned her a Best Actress award for the year.