How Do You Appraise Mikasa China?


To appraise Mikasa china, you need to check the back of the plates for the pattern name or number and then research the pattern name or number online to get a rough estimate of what it is worth. Next, take it to an appraiser, who can give you the most accurate price of your Mikasa china, based on its condition, age and uniqueness. Mikasa is an American china distributor, established in 1948.

  1. Look for the pattern name and number

    Look on the bottom of your Mikasa china to find the name or number of the pattern and write it down. If the pattern name or number isn’t on the back for some reason, take a picture of the plates for further research.

  2. Research your Mikasa china

    Go to the Mikasa website and type in the pattern name or number to see if it’s in the current system, available online.The Mikasa website provides current prices for new and antique sets. If you cannot find your pattern there, check websites that specialize in antique china, such as Replacements Limited or pricing guide books for American fine china.

  3. Contact an appraiser

    Arrange to meet with a reputable appraiser that specializes in fine china, particularly one that specializes in American fine china. After examining your Mikasa china, checking the condition and authenticating the pattern and age, the appraiser provides you with an accurate price or price range.