How Do You Apply for Toys for Tots?

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Families can apply for the Toys for Tots program by going to the Toys for Tots website and filling out the information under the “Request a Toy” page. Contacting the local representative to apply or find out more information is another possibility.

Use the following steps to apply for Toys for Tots via the organization’s website.

  1. Go to the Toys for Tots website
  2. Enter “Toys for Tots” into any search engine or type directly into the URL bar to be taken to the Marine Toys for Tots website.

  3. Select Request a Toy
  4. Click on the link to the page to Request a Toy to be taken to the start of the application.

  5. Select location
  6. Select the state and county from the drop-down boxes to be taken to the website for local chapter of Toys for Tots. Not all locations are covered by the organization.

  7. Select Request a Toy
  8. Click on the Request a Toy link located in the same place on the website again to be taken to a page with contact information for the local representative.

  9. Submit form
  10. Click on “Family Toy Request Form” or “Nonprofit/Agency Toy Request Form” to be taken to a form that can be filled out and submitted online. Alternatively, use the contact information to apply at your local chapter.