How Do You Apply for Free Government Laptops?

The U.S. government does not have a specific program that directly provides free government laptops to citizens. However, state and federal governments work with various companies and nonprofit organizations, such as Dell, Microsoft and EveryoneOn, to provide free laptops to low income families. Apply through these nonprofit organizations to get the free laptops.

There are programs in several states that provide free laptops to low-income families. In the New England area, the computer technology assistance corps provides laptops to low-income families. To be eligible for the program, your family must receive some form of assistance from the state, such as free school lunch or food stamps. To apply for the computer or laptop, complete the application on the organization’s website and attach your assistance documents.

The EveryoneOn program provides free and low-cost refurbished laptops and computers in almost all 50 states. This program also provides cheap Internet and free courses and training. Other organizations that work with the local government to provide free laptops to low-income households include branches of the Salvation Army and Goodwill. As of 2015, you must have a household income of less than $45,000 a year to be eligible for a free laptop from any of these organizations.