How Do You Apply for Government Grants for Dental Procedures?

Dean Mitchell/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To apply for a government grant for a dental procedure, locate the most appropriate grant, follow the application instructions carefully, and verify your resources to avoid scams. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a dental procedure grant.

There are national grant options for dental procedures, but some states offer their own grants. States such as California, Ohio and Washington offer dental grants to families that are struggling financially or have encountered domestic issues. Not all grants are based on income or unemployment, which is why it is important to follow application instructions carefully. Also, make sure you are applying for the appropriate grant, as most grants are for specific dental issues, such as preventative care, emergency care, implants, dentures or cosmetic work.

While there are a few government grants for dental coverage, there are other grant options available. Some grants are only available to community organizations that offer dental care for underprivileged families. Some of these organizations include the Samuel Harris Fund, the American Dental Association, Access To Care Grants and the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program. There are many grant scams online, so use caution and verify resources. Legitimate grants are given by groups or governing bodies that can be contacted directly by phone.