How to Apply Casoron Weedkiller?

To apply Casoron weed killer, choose a time of the year when most weeds have already died, physically remove any weeds that still exist, and sprinkle the Caroson granules around established wooded vegetation. This process takes approximately eight hours, depending on how much weeding needs to be done, and requires the Casoron product and weeding tools.

  1. Weed by hand

    Physically remove any grown weeds that exist, especially when re-seeding is desired.

  2. Choose the time

    Apply the Casoron product when all weeds have been removed or have died naturally, ideally during the winter. This product is a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning that it prevents germination of weed seedlings or kills them as they are in the beginning stages of germination. Applying this product to weeds that are already grown will not be effective.

  3. Apply near wooded vegetation

    Sprinkle the Casoron granules around established roses, trees and shrubs. Do not apply the product over vegetable gardens, perennial flowers or where new plants will be established. Don’t use it over any vegetation that has been in the ground for less than six months to a year, as it damages new root hairs on plants. One 8-pound bag of the product will cover approximately 1,700 square feet.