How Does Appearance Affect Your Success?

Buero Monaco/Taxi/Getty Images

Appearance can affect the likelihood of being hired even more than a good resume because it can influence the opinions of potential employers. Appearance can also influence the chances of being promoted. Physical appearance affects the subliminal judgment area of the brain, and people are unconsciously influenced by a variety of factors, including age, gender, status, grooming, facial structure, hair color, weight and wardrobe, according to Forbes.

Facial symmetry and the size of facial features are the main ingredients of perceived beauty. They lead to attractive men earning 9 percent more than unattractive men, while attractive women earn 4 percent more than unattractive women. Men 6 feet tall and over make an average of $5,000 more annually than shorter workers. For women, every 3 inches of taller than average height leads to earning 5 to 8 percent more than shorter women. On average, CEOs are 3 inches taller than their workers.

Weight negatively impacts income and advancement. An increase in body mass leads to a decrease in future income. Facial hair is also a detriment to career advancement. Sixty percent of successful businessmen are without beards or moustaches. Sixty-three percent of men report that hair loss has negatively affected their success.

Blond-haired women generally make 7 percent more than those of women with other hair color. They also tend to marry men who earn 6 percent more than the husbands of those who are not blond.