What Are Some Anti-Fungal Creams for Balanitis?

An anti-fungal cream for balanitis such as clotrimazole, marketed as Lotrimin, is an effective medication for treating skin infections that yeast can cause, according to Healthline. Clotrimazole marketed as Mycelex is another effective anti-fungal agent for patients with balanitis due to yeast infections, notes Drugs.com. Both medications are available over-the-counter.

Men suffering from balantis caused by a yeast infection should use anti-fungal cream on the inflamed skin for 10 days, two or three times a day, notes Drugs.com. When an infection develops on the skin on the head of the penis that causes it to become inflamed, the condition is called balanitis. If the infection is bacterial, the patient should apply an antibiotic cream. Any man can develop the condition, but it is most prevalent among uncircumcised males and men with uncontrolled diabetes.