Who Is Anthony Geary’s Partner?

Anthony Geary has never confirmed his sexuality or having a partner. However, rumors have circulated for years that he was involved in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Ron Glass. Neither Geary nor Glass has ever addressed these rumors.

There are also rumors that Geary had a long relationship with celebrity photographer, Jim Warren, but there is nothing to support this claim, and Geary has never discussed it. In 2009, Elizabeth Taylor revealed that she and Geary had been in a two-year romantic relationship that began when she appeared on General Hospital in 1981. Geary confirmed these rumors in separate interviews given to Oprah Winfrey and Wendy Williams in 2010. Otherwise, he seldom discusses his personal life. Geary left “General Hospital” in 2015 after winning eight Daytime Emmy awards for his role as Luke Spencer, a role he played for 37 years, with plans to retire to his home in Amsterdam.