How Do You Find Answers to Spanish Lab Questions?

To find answers to questions about MySpanishLab, go to the MySpanishLab Pearson login website, log into the system and access the online tutor feature. Pearson Education offers one free 30-minute tutoring session with select MyLanguageLabs courses, with additional time available for purchase. If no tutor is available, students can search for an online Spanish tutor using a website such as

Use the following steps to get help answering questions for the MySpanishLab course system:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to the website for MySpanishLab access by entering into a Web browser.

  3. Log into the system
  4. Enter a username and password to log into the site. New students will need to first register by clicking on the “Click here to register” link.

  5. Connect with a tutor
  6. Connect with a tutor through the MySpanishLab 24/7 online tutor feature. Students who have already used their free session will need to purchase additional hours before asking their questions.

Students can also ask for help with MySpanishLab questions by contacting a tutor at To search for Spanish tutors, go to the website and click on “tutors.” Enter “Spanish” into the search box and click “Get tutor matches” to find a list of available Spanish tutors.