How Do You Find Another Way to Say Something?

Tara Moore/Stone/Getty Images

Tools to find another way to say something include a thesaurus, translation books and websites, such as Google Translate, and word and phrase rewording websites, such as These tools help find another way to say specific words and phrases in English and in other languages.

One way to determine how to say something in another language is with translation books and websites. Translation books for a variety of languages are available at bookstores and local libraries. Such books are ideal for travelers and people learning other languages, however, online translating tools are a better option for quick translations. Google Translate is one such tool that supports 90 languages as of 2015. The tool translates text, voice and videos to other languages.

A thesaurus is a good resource to determine how to say something in a different way using the same language. A thesaurus suggests synonyms and antonyms words. These books are available at bookstores and libraries, although some websites, such as, provide the same function.

Other websites, such as, offer alternate suggestions for words, phrases, common sayings and even full sentences. The user types in the word, phrase or sentence that he wants reworded and completes the captcha for reworded suggestions.