How Do You Get a Free Annulment?

Most seeking an annulment will have to pay at least filing fees with the county courthouse. However, it may be possible for those with a low household income to get the fees waived by filling out the appropriate forms, according to the California Courts System.

Annulments are not free, although they may be less expensive and time consuming than a divorce. Those who want to save on costs may be able to move through the system without a lawyer. This process works better when both parties are amenable to the annulment and there is plenty of information on filing for annulment available through the county clerk. It is always a good idea to get professional legal advice before representing oneself, according to Divorce Recovery Suite.

The additional court costs and filing fees may also be waived for those who can't afford them. Ask the county clerk about a fee waiver and what process is necessary to apply for it. Applicants may have to fill out a waiver request form and submit it with proof of income or other validating documentation. It may be necessary to get the waiver approved before being able to file the annulment papers. Approved fee waivers may also have an expiration date, so be aware of it and don't delay filing the paperwork.