How Do You Find Ann Landers’ Archives?

Find archives of the Ann Landers’ advice column through the Creators Syndicate website. Ann Landers’ column archives are available here, as are archives from over 15 other advice columnists.

On the Creators Syndicate home page, click on the Advice tab in the upper navigation bar. As of November 2015, Ann Landers is the first tab listed. Creators Syndicate represents many advice columnists, all of which all listed here with direct links to their columns, along with pictures of the columnists.

Because Ann Landers’ advice column is no longer publishing new material, only archives are available. These are listed under Classic Ann Landers. Click the Classic Ann Landers box to see an archived column appear.

Click through Recent archives to the left or use the calendar to the right to find columns from specific dates. Below the calendar is a Browse by Month box. Searching for a specific date does not yield original publishing dates however. The earliest month listed in the archives is December 2006; since the last Ann Landers column was written in July 2002, all her columns are listed in the Archives section.

Ann Landers’ advice column ran from 1943 to 2002. Ann Landers is, in fact, a pen name. The column was originally written by Ruth Crowley, who wrote it for a total of nine years. Esther Lederer took over its authorship in October of 1955. After her death in 2002, the column ended per her wishes.