What Does Andersen Windows’ Warranty Cover?

Andersen Windows’ windows and doors carry three separate limited warranties: a 20-year warranty on the glass, a 5-year warranty on wood components and a 10-year warranty on all other components. These warranties cover defects and failure under normal use.

These warranties do not cover special glazing, art glass, insulated or impact-resistant glass, products not factory installed by Andersen, electrical components, retractable screens or brass or satin nickel hardware finishes. They also do not cover accidents, improper maintenance, chemicals such as salt or acid rain, failure to seal wood components or products damaged due to delivery or installation not performed by Andersen.

The limited warranty excludes cosmetic issues. Potential cosmetic issues include minor wood warping, slight curvature or minor scratches to glass that do not impede visibility, tarnish to hardware and the rattling of grill bars. Andersen provides warranty quotes for special glazing upon request.

Andersen’s warranty places additional restrictions on covered labor. Labor is not covered by warranty for glass replacement, disposal of defective windows or doors, replacement of door panels or cosmetic work such as painting, staining or carpentry. The company also does not cover service calls for educational purposes; instruction on how to use products is not provided by Andersen’s warranty technicians.