What is the American Notary Association? A Guide to All Things Notarial

Photo Courtesy: A. Dagli Orti/Getty Images

Becoming a notary can make work easier for you and your employer. It can also help advance the lives of others. Needing something notarized or witnessed can feel like a lot of red tape. Thankfully, there is a lot of help getting through it.

Who supports notaries in their notorious endeavors? The American Notary Association is one organization dedicated to being a resource for notaries. Thanks to the American Notary Association, and other orgs like the National Notary Association, people are able to get the appropriate stamps and ink pads needed to do their jobs. They also assist in the process of becoming a notary, which can vary by state. Notarization protocols have been eased a bit in some states due to COVID-19. For a crash-course in all things notary-related, read on.