What Is the Amen Clinic Fraud?

Fraud claims against Amen Clinics stem from accusations that their treatments are unsafe and not scientifically proven to establish adequate results. As explained on the clinic’s website, AmenClinic.com, the facility uses brain imaging and nonconventional methods to treat psychological disorders.

Dr. Daniel Amen is the founder and medical director of the clinics, which utilize a procedure called neuroimaging. In 2012, the American Psychiatric Association determined that this treatment showed no significant impact on the well-being of patients. Single-proton emission computed tomography (SPECT) scans are taken to review brain activity. The scans are then compared to healthy brain models to identify any abnormalities or psychological disorders.

After diagnosis, Amen Clinics offer various treatments, including prescribed medication and dietary supplements. Before and after SPECT scans are repeatedly performed to measure the effectiveness of treatment. A report on the health fraud website, Quackwatch.org, asserts that these continuous scans are potentially dangerous for the patients.

Many of the clinic’s Yelp reviews include negative comments. Patients complain that they were given false hope and assert that they were not given their money’s worth. As of 2015, an initial evaluation at the Amen Clinic costs $3500. Follow up sessions vary in price from $175 to $795 per visit. Several reviews refer to the Amen Clinic as a scam.