What Is an Alias Warrant?

Karen Neoh/CC-BY 2.0

An alias warrant is an order of the court issued when the defendant has failed to appear, usually to enter a plea. According to the City of Fort Worth, the alias warrant is one of two types the court may issue; it is typically issued in misdemeanor cases.

Alias warrants are one kind of warrant that can be issued by the presiding judge in a case. When a summons to court is issued, usually for misdemeanor charges, the accused is required to sign an agreement to appear in court at the appointed time. Signing a traffic citation constitutes signing such a promise to appear. Failure to appear can result in an alias warrant being issued that covers the additional charge of failure to appear, according to the City of College Junction.

In some jurisdictions, such as Kennadale, Texas, the alias warrant is called a regular warrant, and resolving the underlying charge of either Failure to Appear or Violation of Promise to Appear can involve a separate court case, additional fines and even time spent in jail. Resolving the warrant typically also involves entering a plea of either guilty or no contest to the charges filed in the case and an agreement to pay the fines.