How Do You Get an Alex Morgan Poster Signed?

To get an Alex Morgan poster signed, try requesting an autograph through the mail. This process involves writing to a celebrity and sending them the piece of memorabilia to be signed along with a return envelope.

To get a signed Alex Morgan poster:

  1. Find Alex Morgan’s address
  2. The first step in getting an autograph through the mail is to research the address of the celebrity in question and whether she is likely to sign posters through the mail, according to Use to search for Alex Morgan’s address. This will likely be at the soccer club where she works, as of 2015. can also be used to see whether other fans have had success mailing memorabilia to Alex Morgan for signing.

  3. Write a letter
  4. Write a letter to Alex Morgan. Include an introduction, a request for an autograph and a conclusion thanking Alex Morgan for her time.

  5. Send the letter and poster
  6. Send the poster and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Alex Morgan using the address of her club, her name and the country. Including a self-addressed stamped envelope will increase the likelihood of getting a response. Write “do not bend” on the envelopes if wishing to avoid damage to the poster.