What Alcoholic Beverages Do Not Contain Sulfites?

Wine is the main alcoholic beverage known to contain higher amounts of sulfites, but some wine brands that claim they contain no sulfites are: Frey Vineyards, Coturri Winery, Stellar Organics, Pierre Frick and Spartico Wines. Most alcoholic beverages contain a certain amount of sulfites. Even those beverages advertising that they contain no sulfites can still contain a small amount due to the fermentation process.

Negative side effects of sulfites can be experienced after consuming larger amounts of alcoholic beverages and can often be attributed to a simple hangover. These side effects can include flushed skin, increased heart rate, diarrhea and other abdominal issues. Other issues, such as hives, breathing issues, dizziness, tingling in the arms and legs and decreased blood pressure, can be evident after sulfite toxicity. High levels of sulfites can also be found in dried and freeze-dried fruits. The following are typical amounts of sulfites, in parts per million, found in various foods and alcoholic beverages:

  • Mixed dried fruits: 1,827
  • High-sulfite wine: 250-300
  • Red wine: 156-163
  • Low-sulfite wine: less than 20
  • Wine vinegar: 48
  • Beer: less than 0.5

It is important to note that different brands may contain various amounts of sulfites. Since it is not required for companies to place the amount of sulfites on the food label, it is difficult to determine exact amounts of sulfites contained in a beverage or food item.