What Is the Albolene Weight Loss Challenge?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 28, 2020 10:32:41 AM ET

The Albolene weight loss challenge is a five-day challenge that requires those participating to apply Albolene makeup remover to spots where they are retaining fat and water weight before working out. The Albolene coats the skin and increases sweat by trapping heat in these areas. The Albolene weight loss challenge promises that those who follow the challenge plan will burn inches more rapidly in their trouble spots through the use of Albolene.


The Albolene challenge produces water weight loss instead of actual fat loss. However, if one is retaining a significant amount of water weight, one may notice dramatic weight loss results. Following a workout regimen prevents participants from regaining this water weight.

Before starting the challenge, participants need to determine their trouble spots and take their measurements using a plastic tape measure. Participants then apply Albolene to these spots and work out for 30 minutes using a sweat-producing exercise. After repeating the aforementioned steps for five days, participants retake their measurements; Albolene promises that there will be a difference in the measurements from those obtained before the start of the challenge.

To shrink areas even faster on the Albolene challenge, participants may wear a sweat-producing slimming belt or slimming shorts for their workout after they apply Albolene.