What Are the Aims and Objectives of the Tesco Supermarket?

The Tesco supermarket in the United Kingdom aims to continue to grow both in the United Kingdom and around the world, to grow its service and non-food divisions to be as strong as it food division, to be responsible to the communities in which stores are located and to create value through building teamwork and new brands. Its corporate objectives are also in line with its vision statement.

Tesco is the No. 1 supermarket in the United Kingdom and the second-largest grocery retailer in the world, after Wal-Mart. In recent decades, Tesco has branched out from selling just groceries, and now also sells books, electronics and software among other hard goods. In addition, Tesco is a service provider, selling financial, Internet and telephone services as well as music and DVD downloads.

The corporate objectives of Tesco are to provide customers with great value at competitive prices, communicate with and meet the needs of its customers, develop its employees’ talents and reward them fairly, work with suppliers to keep quality high and prices low, be involved in the national discussion regarding food safety and production issues, support the communities in which it participates, and make a profit. Tesco aspires to be a global company with positive local impact, trusted by all with whom it deals.