What Is “Agenda 21 for Dummies”?

Agenda 21 for Dummies is an explanation in layman’s terms of an alleged conspiracy stemming from a 1987 U.N. initiative to study environmental and population development. It exposes an official policy that has been adopted by 178 nations, including the United States, to impose a global socialism.

The goal of Agenda 21 is to reduce the consumption of resources, maintain and restore biodiversity and increase social equity through a program of sustainable development. The means to accomplish these goals is through the integration of social, economic and environmental resources. The plan requires that every level of community and local government adopt the principles of sustainable development to carry them to every individual.

Implementation involves the creation of a perceived international emergency fueled by an economic and environmental crisis, control of the media, universal disarmament to entrust all weapons to a central authority, and the redistribution of resources and wealth. The result is a global society which accepts social justice as the right of all individuals to benefit equally from the resources provided by society and the environment, and the rights of personal freedom and private ownership no longer exist.