Is It Against the Law or Company Regulations to Bring Your Children to Work?

Compassionate Eye Foundation/Hiep Vu/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The ability to bring children to work varies on the company. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, more companies are allowing parents to bring children to work, and some employers allow children to be on the worksite every day.

Employers must consider certain factors when allowing children to be with parents, particularly as some sites, such as manufacturing, are inherently dangerous for children. Employers must also determine if kids are a disruptive influence that hampers productivity. Certain insurance companies also restrict children from being on the premises. Children are not covered under work insurance policies, and worker’s compensation covers employees only.

If an employer allows children on a worksite, parents should designate a special area for diaper changes and child management to minimize disruption. Bringing activities also keeps older children occupied. Ensuring that children are adequately monitored is necessary, and parents must be vigilant in restricting access to dangerous objects and materials.

In regards to government policy, there is no restriction from parents bringing children to work. However, OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, outlines 17 occupational hazards for minors. The Department of Labor lists all 17 of these hazards, including bakery machines, paper-product machines, wood-works machines and demolition operations. These guidelines are for minors who work at these job sites, but the Houston Chronicle notes that the listed occupational hazards also serve as a warning to parents who bring children to work.