What Do You Do After You Stop Team Magma in Mt. Chimney in “Pokemon Emerald”?

James Creegan/CC-BY 2.0

Pok?mon Emerald differs from Ruby and Sapphire in that you fight both Team Magma and Team Aqua. After defeating Team Magma, the team departs with Team Aqua in pursuit. The next step continues your progress.

  1. Go down Jaggered Path

    Walk down Jaggered Path until you run into a suspicious-looking Magma Grunt next to a rock.

  2. Battle the Magma Grunt

    After defeating the Magma Grunt in battle, he mentions a hideout.

  3. Obtain the Magma Symbol

    Defeat the Team Aqua Grunts, and then talk to the lady. She gives you the Magma Symbol.

  4. Go to the hideout

    Return to the spot where the suspicious Magma Grunt told you about the hideout. The Magma Symbol causes an opening to become visible. Enter the hideout.

  5. Defeat enemies, and pick up items

    There are many Magma Grunts to defeat and plenty of items to assist you.

  6. Defeat Tabitha

    As you walk through the hideout, you eventually run into Tabitha. After winning the battle against him, you find Maxie and Groudon sleeping. Maxie uses the Blue Orb to wake Groudon. After waking up, Groudon runs away. Maxie believes you are at fault and challenges you to a battle.

  7. Defeat Maxie

    After losing the battle, Maxie flees, and Team Magma has lost.