What Is an Affidavit of Marital Status?

According to Rocket Lawyer, an affidavit of marital status is typically used in place of a lost or misplaced marriage certificate. This document proves your marital status. This type of affidavit may be necessary when applying for a foreign visa, bank accounts, insurance policies or other legal documents.

Rocket Lawyer explains that the affidavit of marital status serves as your sworn statement that you are married. Other names for this document include joint affidavit of marriage, affidavit of marriage relationship and marriage affidavit. In the affidavit, you declare that you are legally married to your spouse, and provide the specific date of marriage.

If you are in a state that recognizes common-law marriage, you can procure an affidavit for this relationship as well. The marriage section at About.com explains that you must show proof of your common-law relationship by providing affidavits from two people who are aware of your common-law relationship and an affidavit from yourself regarding your history together. This affidavit requires information on how long you lived together, addresses where you resided together and any public announcements of your common law marriage. This document must also be notarized.

According to the marriage section at About.com, there is a related document for single individuals. A single status affidavit is a sworn statement that you are single and therefore eligible to marry.