How Does Advertising Affect Our Lives?

According to Marketing Bones, advertising promises society many things; most often it promises happiness. Through advertising, companies can influence the way people lead their lives and perceive their needs and wants upon viewing an advertisement.

The goal of advertising is to sell a product. Advertising campaigns use a variety of sophisticated strategies to build a relationship with the customer so that they can become emotionally attached to the product over time. As a result, the product becomes part of a person’s daily routine, which makes them more likely to purchase a similar product offering from the company in the future.

Advertising has become a dominant part of modern life. It is seen everywhere from the television screen to billboards on the street. Although it is a highly debated topic, most experts agree that advertising does have an impact on people’s lives because of the emotional attachment created towards certain products. According to Marketing Bones, advertising has gone beyond the basic proposition of a steady relationship with the product itself, as today’s advertising has products that are supposed to love the consumer back. Such a symbiotic relationship between the consumer and the product is the main reason that advertising affects people’s lives.