What Are the Advantages of Using a School Bag With a Rack?

The advantages of using a school bag with a rack include the ability to carry a large amount of books and supplies. They are fully mobile and maneuver easily around obstacles. As an added bonus, these bags can be used carry-on bags while travelling. They fit snugly in airplane overhead compartments.

Using school bags with racks also prevents what chiropractors call swayback. This happens when, instead of aligning properly with the shoulders, the head begins to stick out in front of them. It is thought to be a response to carrying heavy weight in a traditional over-the-shoulder backpack. According to Daily Press, research suggests that 74 percent of school-age children complain of back pain that can occur when their backpacks contain more than 15 percent of their body weight. School bags with rolling racks eliminate that risk.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a school bag with a rack. Many styles are available, but the best are those with multiple sections and padding to soften any blows induced by rolling. Students who want the option of over-the-shoulder backpacks can choose convertible bags with folding racks. Consider both the size needed and the fabric from which it is made, as some fabrics offer waterproofing.