What Are Some Advantages of Telephone Communication?

jennie-o/CC-BY 2.0

Telephone communication is advantageous because it allows for immediate personal response, is interactive, facilitates long distance communication and can be used to convey confidential information. Telephone communication also promotes businesses through telemarketing and market research.

Interactive Communication Telephone communication can link various people in an organization through audio conferencing sessions. Such conference calls can be used in conjunction with video conferencing to view presentations, ask questions over the Internet or even discuss issues with other attendees. This eliminates the need for travel, making them both cost-effective and time-saving.

Long-Distance Communication Compared to letters, telephone communication is effective across long distances. It allows for immediate responses and clarification of information. In addition, telephone communication over long distances is less expensive compared to physical travel.

Effective Personalized Communication As opposed to emails and text messages, which are simply words open to interpretation by the receiver, telephone conversations provide a personal touch and allows for expression of emotions through tone of voice. In addition, telephones enable callers to leave detailed and clear messages with ease.

Furthermore, telephones are effective in times of emergencies and natural disasters. In this regard, individuals are able to give the police and other stakeholders a clear personalized description of what may be going on.

Confidential Some communications, including those involving sensitive or personal information, are best handled through personalized phone calls. Such two-way communication eliminates misinterpretation of information. In addition, text messages and emails become legal documents and can be retrieved as evidence even after deletion.

Moreover, telephone conversations ensure that the message is delivered only to the intended person. This is because the person delivering the message is certain that the receiver is the intended person. On the other hand, messages through emails and texts may be accessed by unintended persons.

Safe Although driving and making phone calls at the same time is dangerous, the introduction of Bluetooth technology makes doing so much safer. However, texting or emailing while driving is not only illegal in some states, but also it’s a leading cause of vehicle accidents.

Aid to Businesses Businesses may use telephone calls to market new products and reach out to new markets. This personalized marketing strategy enables the business to receive firsthand information regarding the products and the market in general. Hence, such feedback points out areas that may need improvement, which is essential in business policymaking.

Telephones are an integral part of the service industries such as hotels, restaurants and food deliveries. This is because telephones enable potential customers to call in to make reservations or order meals. In this regard, telephones are an important link between such businesses and their target markets.

Moreover, some companies, such as those dealing with electronics, may set up call centers to assist customers who face challenges with their products. This not only boosts customer confidence, but also it eliminates the need for travel to specialized technicians.

Flexible and Relatively Affordable Current mobile phones have Internet access, which enhances communication through several platforms, such as emails, video calls and social networks. In this regard, Internet access through mobile telephones results in communication efficiency, flexibility and affordability.