What Are Some Advantages of Mail Merge?

The biggest advantage of mail merge is that a company can write and send one standard letter to a large number of stakeholders, such as its shareholders, without manually adding each name and address. Mail merge can generate hundreds of letters and envelopes that are tailored to read as though they were written to individuals.

Mail merge is a feature on word processing application software that enables users to develop personalized letters, greeting cards and other communication with names and addresses stored in a database. It is very easy to proofread a single letter which is then used as the template for many others. In addition, when the template has been created, it can be saved and used again in the future.

First, the computer user creates a database of various field names of the desired addressees and then writes the letter linking it to the database. Next, the user employs a query to find a set of people who are targeted to receive a copy of the letter. The mail merge wizard then prompts the user to enter the appropriate details of each addressee. The wizard finalizes the process by taking data from the prepared database and produces a copy of the letter for each person in the database. The only disadvantage is that letters can lack a certain level of personal engagement.