What Are Some of the Advantages of High Population Growth?

One of the main advantages of high population growth is economic. Other areas that could benefit from high population growth include creation and innovation, human rights, stabilized regional populations and diversity.

According to the experts, high population growth could have numerous advantages for the entire world. For example, Gary Becker, Nobel Prize winner, considers that on the whole population growth helps rather than hurts general welfare and income. A large population translates into a greater domestic market, a stimulating investment in knowledge and attracting investors and multinational companies in areas that previously lacked them. Immigration is a result of high population growth, which can greatly benefit a given area with social, linguistic, and religious richness and diversity. Human rights can also benefit from population growth, as more people are beneficial for advocating global human rights.

Even though population growth is often associated with a shortage of supplies, a high growth can lead to a greater consciousness of innovations when it comes to producing food, as well as increasing other much needed resources such as fresh water. Finally, more people means a greater pool of individuals who can generate new ideas for improving productivity in a wide range of fields.