What Are Some Advantages of the Discussion Method?

Some advantages of the discussion method are that it puts more emphasis on learning than teaching, encourages student participation, encourages democratic thinking, enhances reflective thinking, helps improve self-expression and nurtures the spirit of tolerance. The discussion method also makes learning interesting by engaging students in questions and dialogue.

The discussion method concentrates on student activity, rather than lecturing by teachers. It is, therefore, an effective method that promotes student-centered learning than teaching. Students are able to actively participate in discussions, which enhance their understanding and capture their attention. The discussion method promotes democratic thinking among students. Students are able to freely share their ideas, speak their opinions and challenge each other to arrive at a common decision.

In the course of discussion, students develop reflective thinking skills, which help them to deeply analyze and understand the issue at hand. Reflective thinking is a careful, persistent and active way of thinking that makes learners more aware of the complex problems at hand and encourages active participation in learning situations. The discussion method also improves self-expression among learners by challenging them to express their opinions or ideas in clear and eloquent way. This method also inculcates the spirit of tolerance in learners. Students learn how tolerate contradictory views, no matter how unpleasant they may sound to them. They are, therefore, able to respect each others’ views.