What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Spreadsheets?

Some advantages of using spreadsheets are that they make it easier to handle data effectively and allow for a more flexible presentation of that data. Some disadvantages of using spreadsheets are that the data can be easily manipulated, which can be a problem when making financial documents, it can be hard to troubleshoot problems in spreadsheets, collaboration may be difficult and human error can occur with data entry.

Spreadsheets have the advantage of making it easy to perform calculations, make changes to data, run “what-if” tests, use a variety of formatting and present data with a variety of graphs. However, the flexibility spreadsheets offer can be a risk for businesses that use them to present financial data. It can be hard to adhere to regulations as the data can easily be manipulated. In addition, humans can enter the wrong numbers or cause formatting issues that cause problems with data accuracy.