What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages to the Society of Using Computers?

Advantages to a society using computers include a more connected environment, ease of access to a wealth of information and ability to streamline daily occurrences; disadvantages to a society connected by computers include a lack of privacy, stronger chance for computer crimes and unemployment. Societies that are strongly connected to computers may have a higher rate of convenience for citizens, but these citizens may be more at risk for computer related malices.

Computers allow users to do everything from daily shopping trips to banking from home. They are machines that are designed for convenience and often eliminate the hassle that comes with everyday life. Computers can help customers check out at a grocery store, can help students find everything they are looking for on a research paper and can allow families to stay connected over long distances.

When people use computers for nearly everything in their life, the computers often store a large amount of data. This data can sometimes be accessed by computer criminals who will then use it to cause harm to the person in the form of identity theft. Computers also eliminate the need for humans in stores and in data entry positions. This convenience becomes a nuisance to citizens because there is no need to employ humans.