What are the advantages and disadvantages of population growth?


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Proponents of population growth argue that it maintains essential genetic biodiversity and enables economic growth, while opponents assert that population growth strains already scarce natural resources and reduces quality of life. While some argue that the world is already overpopulated, or reaching its carrying capacity, others disagree. Analysts and economists, as a whole, argue that population growth is not a bad thing, as it essentially encourages and enables economic growth and prosperity.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of population growth?
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Those opposed to population growth warn that the increasing global human population is quickly depleting vital natural resources such as water, food and land. There is no mutual consensus on what the ideal global population count is or should be; some favor a conservative ideal estimate, while others do not feel it is appropriate to set a finite limit on the human population. Supporters of increased population growth assert that the earth can support billions more human inhabitants, and its carrying capacity is decades away from being reached. They also assert that human growth will create technological growth and create more complex, advanced societies. However, those opposed to population growth assert that increasing numbers of human populations will only exacerbate preexisting environmental and social conditions and will ultimately result in destruction of the human race.

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