What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Mac OS?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 25, 2020 3:59:48 PM ET

The advantages to a Mac OS is security, reliability and advanced technology while the disadvantages include a heftier price tag, a very limited gaming option and an operating system that does not accommodate upgrades or customization. Windows operating systems, in comparison to a Mac OS, have a variety of advantages and disadvantages, but the preference really depends on the user.

Windows operating systems come with horror stories of the blue screen of death, malware, viruses and a vast array of glitches and errors while the Mac OS provides a stable and secure interface without all the hassle of errors and glitches, but still many people prefer Windows rather than Mac.

Advantages of Mac OS

  • Security
  • Fewer Macs in use make it less likely to encounter a virus or malware designed for the platform.

  • Reliability
  • A much more stable environment than Windows.

  • Convenience
  • iPods, iPads and other Apple-based devices offer compatibility.

  • Advanced technology
  • LED monitors, touchscreen monitors and various other technologies reach Mac OS systems first.

    Disadvantages of a Mac OS

    1. No customization
    2. Upgrades cannot be mixed and matched like Windows.

    3. Expensive
    4. A Mac OS system is often twice as much as a Windows based system.

    5. Limited gaming options
    6. Very few games are available for the Mac OS, making Windows the operating system of choice for serious gamers.