What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Printers?

The advantages of laser printers are the longevity of cartridges and the speed of printing jobs. Disadvantages include high cost, size and difficulty and expense of repair.

Laser printers print very quickly in comparison to other printer types, making it a perfect option for anyone who prints a large volume of papers. While expensive, cartridges last much longer than ink jet cartridges, which make up for the difference in initial price due to the very low cost per page. Laser printers also tend to be much quieter than their counterparts when printing, although during standby mode, there is usually a distinct whirring sound to keep the internal parts heated and ready to print.

The main drawback of laser printers is the expense. Although these printers last for a long time and are quite sturdy, the start-up cost is high. Color laser printers are even more expensive than black and white, so the printing options for most affordable laser printers are limited. This high cost is reflected in cost of repairs. Laser printers are built from complex parts that are difficult to replace, which increases the price. Additionally, laser printers are larger than ink jet printers, so they are not ideal for small places where space is limited.