What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Brainstorming?

Zero Creatives/Cultura/Getty Images

The advantages of brainstorming include the ability to refine ideas and use every person’s input to develop specific ideas; disadvantages include the hindrance that it can impose on an individual’s creativity. Brainstorming is generally used to improve creative ideas, but can sometimes be the reason that a creative idea does not take off from a starting point.

Creativity is often referred to as the economic motor of the world, no matter what discipline it is being used in. Creativity opens the way for new ideas and allows scientists to have a better understanding for the way that things work. It powers the brain and allows it to push further and discover more, whether in science, marketing or art disciplines.

Brainstorming is used in many different settings and is a good way for many people to work together at once toward a single creative idea. Individuals can be creative, but they sometimes need others to help them develop the ideas that they have.

Different perspectives and ideas can help the original creation develop into something more. Likewise, the input of many different people can stifle the creativity of an individual. Due to peer pressure and anxiety over the opinions of the rest of the group, an individual may not be able to develop as many creative ideas when brainstorming with a group.